These forms are available to download and use in printed format. Please pay applicable fees, if any, at the time of form submission. All forms must be submitted physically only.

Syllabus-DPharma (Upvaid)
certificate Form
Notification for Admission
Admit Card Form
Annual Result for session Aug-2021
Application of Re-Totalling
of Answer
Application of Enrollment

Vacant Seats After 3r Round (2021-22)
Allotment2 List 2020-21
Admissions Date
3rd Allotment Session 2021-22
Schedule of Counseling
Vacant Seats After 2nd Round
Supplementary Examination June
2nd Allotment 2021-22
Revised Counseling Session 2021-22
2nd Allotment 2021-22
1st Allotment 2021-22
Result of Second Year (Re-appear)
Reappear Examination, April
3rd Allotment List 2020-21
Supplementary Result session 2021
Admissions Date Extended
2nd Allotmemt List 2020-21
Allotment List 2020-21
Annual Result for session Nov-2020
Supplementary Result May, 2018
Supplementary Result – Aug-2020
Celebrate National Ayurveda Day
First Year Annual Result Aug-2019
Annual Result for session Aug-2019
Last Date of Online Application
Supplementary Result April-2019
Annual Result for Session Oct, 2018
Annual Result for Session Dec, 2017
Supplementary Result
Supplementary Result June, 2016
Online Result November, 2015
Syllabus Diploma in Pharmacy
Admission Form
Result of First Year (Re-appear) 2015